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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  June 2, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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we are following a developing situation in freemont where police now the suspect in the shooting of two officers is dead. and the warriors prepare for game one. details on a fake ticket warning for fans and the bet we made with our sister station in cleveland. plus, what does your laugh say about you? how you can get your laugh analyzed and we are live with an actual laugh doctor about why it is really the best medicine. ♪[ music playing ]. >> bringing us in on this 9:00 hour. you see the fog hugging the coast. north and south tower of the golden gate is socked in. welcome to "the 9" everybody on this thursday morning. a cool-down along the coast. one of the stories we are
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following weather-wise. the nba finals tip-off as the cavaliers are in town. the warriors looking to defend that championship. a little rematch indeed. first, we begin in the city of freemont. the manhunt is now over for a suspect accused of shooting two police officers. >> freemont police announced a half hour ago live on "mornings on 2" that the suspect was found dead inside a home he had been hiding in for hours. >> we have been following this as a developing story through the morning as the home caught fire. freemont police say it was a very long night for them as they tried to catch the suspect. they fired flash bangs as well as tear gas all in hopes of drawing this suspect out. at this point it is still unclear if the flash bangs sparked the fire. >> so let's trace the events of what led to this morning's action. it began at 1:30 yesterday afternoon with a traffic stop in the area of freemont boulevard and washington bumped. there was an exchange of gunfire and an officer was shot. >> that's right. then police chased down the suspect moments later which led to a second officer getting
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shot. a detective. s.w.a.t. teams went door to door in the neighborhood looking for the gunman. >> approximately 11:30 police tracked him down to a home nearby. they have been firing flash bangs as well as tear gas. the house caught fire and went up in flames live on the air in the early morning hours of this day. ktvu's janine de la vega has been at the scene all morning long with more. >> reporter: yes, gasia, we just were able to move closer to where this house was, where the suspect was barricaded, and where he was found dead. this is on roberts street. a portion of it is still closed, but all other streets, washington and freemont boulevard are opened. the house was gutted. we were told a little while ago from a police spokesperson from the freemont police department that the suspect's body, who they believe to be the suspect, was found in a closet in this one-story house. he did not live here.
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he doesn't have any ties to the home. but he has been hiding out here for several hours overnight. let's go to some video that we took earlier this morning. we saw some incredible pictures of this house completely engulfed in flames. it really looked like a raging inferno with the black plume of smoke in the air. the firefighters were making sure that this fire did not spread to other homes. it had been flaring up from time to time because it had been burning since two in the morning. we are not sure why it ignited and started raging like that. what police have told us is that they think that it was triggered by tear gas that they threw into the house. that was one of the tactics that they were using when they were trying to get this suspect to surrender, but it never worked. they believe that he is the one who was found dead in the home. here is what a police spokeswoman told us a short time ago. >> we can confirm that we do
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have a deceased subject in the home. we believe it is our suspect. obviously, it will take some time to confirm his identity, but that is what we believe we have this morning. >> reporter: as far as the two officers who are hospitalized, we asked for an update on their condition and the latest they're telling us is that they are both still at the hospital. one is in critical condition. that officer was the officer that was shot first. he was shot once, and he has been with the freemont police department for a year and a half. the other officer who was shot twice, he is in stable condition and he has been with the freemont police department for the last ten years. police are going to continue to stay out here with the fire department because there is going to be an investigation, of course, into what happened here. again they are trying to confirm exactly how this fire started, if it in fact was the
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tear gas, and collect any evidence at the scene. that is the latest out here. we expect that there is going to be another news conference, possibly later in the afternoon, where we will learn more. back to you. >> janine, about 20 minutes ago on "mornings on 2" we heard from a police spokesperson live. she used the word sorry for what happened to that house behind you. any idea who might be paying for the repairs or rebuilding of that home? is there a police officer fund? is it from the state? is it the homeowner who is on the hook for it? >> reporter: you know, i asked her about that. things are happening so fast. she really who no idea. my guess is the homeowners, you know, have insurance. she didn't have an answer for that. >> all right. so many people relieved it's over, janine, even though it had a violent fiery end. thank you for your reports through the morning. as you can imagine, a number of police officers are right here at san jose's regional medical center as we brick you a live
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look at -- bring you a live look at that complex. they underwent emergency surgery yesterday. the pictures show you a number of police vehicles. two officers are still inside being treated. the first officer who was shot remains in critical condition. he was with freemont for about a year. the second officer who was wounded is a detective. he has been with at the department for about a decade. he is in stable condition. >> it's tragic any time that gun violence happens in the city. when someone takes a shot at law enforcement or attempts to hurt someone in lawmaker, it's terrible. >> city leaders including freemont mayor bill harrison rushed to the hospital when he heard about the shootings. he tells ktvu that he knows both officers and was able to see one of them. other agencies who dropped by the hospital include san jose police, sunnyvale department of public safety and the santa clara sheriff's office. turning to the presidential
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race, donald trump will appear at a rally tonight in san jose. it's scheduled at 7:00 at the san jose convention center. he kicked off his campaign swing last night with an appearance at the sacramento international jet center. the crowd cheered enthusiastically when trump repeated his college to make mexico pay to build a wall on the u.s. border. we are learning about the lawsuits filed by former students of trump university who claim the school bilked them out of tens of thousands of dollars. rival presidential candidate hillary clinton jumped on the controversy criticizing trump. >> just more evidence that donald trump himself is a fraud. he is trying to scam america the way he scammed all those people at trump university. >> donald trump's campaign is fighting back against the fraud
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accusations and released this video showing testimonials from former students of trump university who say they earned profits on real estate deals based on the knowledge they gained at that school. hillary clinton is beginning a five day campaign push across california today with an appearance in san diego. she will focus on what her campaign calls the threat donald trump poses to national security. clinton's other appearances in the state over the coming days have not yet been announced. her husband, former president bill clinton, is also campaigning up and down the golden state. his first event is in redding tonight. we caught up with bernie sanders yesterday in palo alto for a one-on-one interview. he told us why he is continuing to campaign despite a seemingly insurmountable lead by hillary clinton. >> take a hard look at which candidate is most likely to defeat donald trump and the truth is that that candidate is
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bernie sanders. >> sanders spoke at a rally in front of enthusiastic crowds in palo alto. he will be back in the bay area tomorrow for rallies in fairfield and cloverdale. the later poll shows hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck here in california. according to the poll, clinton leads sanders 45% to 43%. that gives clinton just a two- point lead. in april the former secretary of state had a six point lead. in january, it was an 11 point lead for hillary clinton. in the first field poll back in february of 2015, more than a year ago, clinton had a 63 point lead. let's switch it up to sports. many bay area sports fans might feel like they are in a marathon right now with two local teams competing. >> a good marathon. >> yeah. sharks fans are disappointed, but not giving up after the sharks dropped their second game to the pittsburgh penguins. the sharks have been playing well on home ice through the playoffs and both losses were by one goal and, of course, the
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golden state warriors kick off their run in the nba finals tonight at oracle arena. this is a rematch of last year's finals which, of course, the warriors won. ktvu fox 2's scott reiss will be here in 20 minutes with his take on both of those match- ups. now the warriors have issued a fraud alert warning fans to be careful if they buy tickets from a third party for tonight's game. dozens of people have been reported with fake tickets. they were turned away from monday night's game seven of the western conference finals between the warriors and thunder. and the warriors warn there are plenty of phony tickets floating around for tonight's championship game in oakland. the team is directing people interested in buying tickets to the team's official resale marketplace operated by ticketmaster. speaking of the warriors, we made another friendly bet with our sister station out in cleveland this morning. we will tell you all about the bet at 9:30. this morning our twitter question to you, is what friendly wager might you have on the warriors series? perhaps another win.
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let us know what you are betting if it's carwashes and free lunches or baby-sitting time, even cold hard cash. use #ktvuthe9. coming up, muni drivers say they have had enough of being attacked while driving on the streets of san francisco. the new way they try to respond to violent passengers. new information on yesterday's murder-suicide that forced a lockdown to the ucla campus. find out about a bay area connection.
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time is 9:13. breaking news. we learned the cause of death for pop star prince, a lawmaker official says prince died from an opioid overdose. authorities say a doctor was treating prince on both april 7th and april 20th. remember prince died april 21st. the doctor prescribed the medications and prescriptions according to a warrant, but the warrant does not specify which medications.
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again, the news just in from the "associated press." singer prince died from an opiodover dose at the age of 57. a recent uc berkeley graduate is the latest to accuse a professor of sexual harassment. a lawsuit was filed by nicole hemingway, who graduated last year. she claims she had several uncomfortable and inappropriate encounters with her thesis advisor blake wentworth. two uc berkeley graduate students filed similar complaints against wentworth last year. wentworth has declined too comment on the lawsuit or allegations. a new report says san francisco police officers should stop fighting people sleeping on the streets. it's costing the city some $20 million plus every year. the san francisco examiner, which has seen the analysis, says the report recommends other city agencies, including the department of homeless,
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should respond to these incidents. it says police enforcement has increased 35%, but the number of people on the streets has held steady since the year 2013. muni drivers say they are fed up with being mistreated or attacked by unruly passengers. especially incidences of passengers spitting on drivers. the union told drivers if they are assaulted to stop the bus and railcar and take it out of service right. now drivers are required to finish their route and report the incident. assaults went from 18 in 2013 to 58 last year. whether it's a rider who won't give up their seat to an elderly person or one person taking up three seats, muni a expanding muni mobile so you can rate your trip from riders
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to delays and the bus conditions. it should roll out sometime this summer. more on headlines we have been working on let's go to brian flores. >> here are some of the top stories we are following this morning. happening now sentencing for a former stanford swimmer found guilty of sexual assault. this is video just in of 20- year-old brock turner arriving at court. a jury found him guilty of raping a who was drunk and came unconscious at a fraternity party last year. prosecutors are seeking a six- year prison sentence, but probation officers are recommending a six-month term in county jail because he had in prior criminal record. turner testified at the trial that the encounter con sen mule but he was drunk and didn't realized she spaed. a shooter in the murder- suicide was identified as mainak sakar. the man he killed was his former engineering professor,
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39-year-old william klug. the bodies of both men were found yesterday inside an office in the ucla engineering building. rapiderly sakar was upset with the professor. he accused him of stealing his computer code. two of the suspects in the killing of a novato teenager appeared in court but have not entered pleas. juan carlos henrique owes and elmer machado-riveria face attempted murder. they lured two classmates, prosecutors say, to an open space area and attacked them both. one of the victims survived. >> the law allows us to charge minors over the age of 16 with certain enumerated crimes. murder in the first degree with special circumstances being one ever those crimes.
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>> investigators are still searching for another suspect. he is accused of using a machete during the attack. the sheriff's department says he is a known gang member. those are your headlines. back to you. >> thank you. coming up next on "mornings on 2: the 9", a father gets an unexpected driving lesson from his six-year-old son. later in the newscast the reason the boy called 911. and what does your laughter say about you? we are live with a psychologist and laugh expert about how good every day laughs is good for your well being. yourell being.
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you heard laughter is the best medicine. doctors say it could impact your health, happiness, and self-confidence.
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we had to try it out. i think they nailed it on the head of the nail because mike's laugh is uninhibited, which he is. sal's is is controverted. mine is charming. >> for more how this works we are joined by steve wilson of psychologist and laugh expert. steve, i have been known to make myself laugh in a car by myself and laugh at my own cheesy jokes. what does that say about me? what does that laughter do for you? >> is that mike? >> that's sal. >> sal, you are a lucky guy. >> i am lucky then. >> yeah, because most people think that they need to have a joke or comedy or some consents al way of stimulating their
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laughter. that's fine. we are not laughter snobs. wherever you can get a good laugh, get it. if you can generate it yourself, that has what you have been doing since you were born. human beings at about four or five weeks of age, if they are healthy, they start to laugh. nobody runs over to the crib and says, gee, he's got a great sense of humor. laugh laughter comes from the inside, from your brain chemistry. it keeps you healthy. you feel better. you say, thanks, i needed that. you know you have gotten rid of some emotional tension. your mental health, your balance is a little bit better. you can solve problems. you deal with life better when you have enough laughter. >> steve, we have busy lives every day. not just us, but everyone at hopes has busy lives. sometimes when i come home and i am frustrated and my relationship with my wife can be off and on based on that
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busy day. when i sit down and we have that momenten the couch when we are laughing, it seems that everything goes away. can you explain why that happens? just kind of using that example? i feel it does strengthen our relationship when we are just kicking back laughing at whatever conversation we are having. >> reporter: you know, laughter has been called social glue. it's bonding. it brings us together in a relationship. in a recent study that was commissioned by sun chips as they went and put the laugh- lizer together, everybody says theremins them why -- that reminds them why they love somebody. you know they support you, they are with you. it doesn't solve every problem, but, boy, that laugh, that sense of support that comes with laughter is so good. >> i have to say all of the descriptions, steve, of our laughs were flattering. you do hear people saying i
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can't stand her laugh. it grates on my nerves. it's a cackle. what makes, if you will, an unattractive laugh? >> beauty is the eye of the beholder, gasia. so i think that is in the -- laughter is in the ear of the beholder. i don't think there is any laugh that is positive or negative necessarily, although, now, there are some fiendish kind of laughs. that kind of thing. if somebody says that laugh grates on me, they may be sensitive to high-pitched sounds. but it's not -- it's really not personal about the one who is laughing. so i think we have to respect our individual differences when it comes to humor, for instance. it's different jokes for different folks. we don't all laugh at the same thing. you might find something funny. i might not laugh at it. i may think something's funny. you might not laugh at it. doesn't mean we don't have a
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good sense of humor. we have a different sense of humor. one of the things that got me excited about working with sun chips and developing the laugh- lizer, is it gives people some insight into their personality. we built this particular laughalyzer. this is a first of its kind technology. we built it on the more positive side. we didn't put in -- yeah. >> steve, we are going to have to let you go. we are coming to an end of our satellite time. thank you so much. just doing that survey from sun chips gave me a laugh. and we all know that laughing is good for you. thank you. >> you can analyze your laughter by going to look for the laugh with sun chips under the web links section at the top of your home page. coming up next on "mornings on 2: the 9", we are continuing to follow that developing situation out of freemont where a fiery standoff with a man accused of shooting two police officers has come to an end. police confirming the suspect is dead. we will have an update coming
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up. also, the sharks lose another game to the penguins. the warriors prepare to face off against the cavaliers. scott reiss is making time to join us on "the 9".
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we are going back to developing news. the manhunt is over for a gunman accused of shooting two fremont police officers. a home that the suspect was barricaded in overnight caught fire early this morning and we have learned within the last hour that that suspect has been found dead inside a closet there in the home. a spokesperson with the freemont police department says both his death and the cause of that fire will be investigated. >> you have reason to believe he was injured yesterday. we will have more information about that later today. >> police say the suspect's
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body was found in a closet and the alameda coroner's office will confirm his identity and cause of death. the incident started around 1:30 yesterday afternoon after a traffic stop near freemont and washington boulevards. there was an exchange of gunfire and an officer was shot. the police chased down the suspect which led to a second officer shooting. s.w.a.t. teams locked down an area looking for him. >> after negotiations failed overnight s.w.a.t. teams fired tear gas into the home in hopes of drawing that gunman out. as you heard from the fremont police spokeswoman, they will investigate all circumstances surrounding the incident, including how that home caught fire. >> let's bring you live pictures from sky fox. you can see how badly that home is damaged. you can see right down through where the roof used to be. this is a along roberts avenue, washington boulevard, the area west of interstate 680.
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firefighters had to work hard to protect the surrounding homes. there are not large yards or acreage separating the houses. houses pretty close together here. neighbors who have been out of their home for so many hours are now returning. of course, two freemont police officers were shot yesterday. they are still in the hospital. one in critical condition. that officer had only been with freemont pd a year before this happened. the other is a detective, has been a freemont pd for about a decade, and is listed in stable condition. moving to san francisco now. there is a rally scheduled at 11:00 this morning by critics of the san francisco police department. they have held a series of protests following the police shooting of mario woods last december. today's presentation will take place in front of the police station. groups will protest recent police shootings, including mario woods and jessica williams. her death last month led to the resignation of chief greg suhr. a policy will require
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officers to begin wearing body cameras. the commission signed off on a set of rules. it requires officers to provided a brief statement before they review images of the video. this was a compromise. officers say they want to wear the cameras. >> the body cameras are going to be a powerful tool for us in terms of the vest a gatory process. they will provide an instant and impartial account of events. they are very important in terms of transparency and accountability. >> san francisco police officers could be wearing body cameras as early as august 1st. all right. top of the newscast we saw some of that fog hugging the coast there. the golden gate socked in. let's bring in steve paulson. a little bit of a burn-off later today? >> i think sooner today, mike, gasia, and sal. temps will warm up again. a good cool-down for many.
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napa dropped from 90 to 76 from tuesday to wednesday. today looks like it's going to warm up. there is a little bit of fog holding on around the bay. it was super foggy from northern sonoma county, napa county to salinas valley. in texas it won't stop raining. there is reports radar estimates of another 10 inches of rain for some from dallas to houston. so, i mean, talk about just relentless. that's the problem down there and it keeps going and going and going. our fog is there. it's going to burn off quick for some. yesterday barely burned off. santa rosa has a west at six. fairfield still, travis still a delta breezy. already 74 in brentwood. 60s for many. bigger rapid warm-up for a lot that were stuck in the fog yesterday. east bay temps some are getting out of the gate pretty quick here. it's going to be a warmer pattern the next couple of days. the fog will be confined to the coast and what's there would be solid. here we go again. 60s to 90s to almost 100
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degrees, and if you don't like the heat i would say go west because it's going to get warmer as we head into friday, probably saturday. it does look cooler, you guys, sunday, monday. >> thank you, steve. the san jose sharks are down two games in the series. the stanley cup final. warriors are up gearing up for game one tonight of the nba finals. scott reiss, ktvu sports, you have been a busy man lately. two different outcomes for two different teams chasing a championship. >> yeah. first of all, two teams in the championship series. first time that has has in the bay area. third time it's happened anywhere in the nation in the last 25 years. this is such a special, special time for both teams. the sharks, unfortunately, not a good start dropping the first two games against the penguins. you have a hole to claim out of. they have struggled early in both games one and two. pittsburgh the best team for a period and a half. the sharks, give them credit.
9:34 am
they overcame only bad bounces. you saw the post hit there. they hit five posts. justin braun the huge goal late in regulation to send it to overtime. this innocuous looking just a basic garden-variety face-off. the pence win and score two and a half minutes into the extra session and all of a sudden you are down 2-0. it could certainly have gone the other way. >> you know, scott, it cements like the penguins, and mike, you watch hockey, too, it seems like they are skating faster for some reason. they are really on. >> they are. and that was the danger for the sharks heading into the series. the penguins are fast and that is what they bring to the table. in hockey, as in any other sport, the team has the advantage. what is the sharks advantage? they are more physical. they are a hard checking team and they have got to find ways to neutralize the speed. i think they did. if you watch the game in the third period, peter deboer changed up the lines a little bit. >> patrick marleau in the third. >> right, right. sometimes you do that as a hail mary. in this case it worked.
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they were the better team for most of the third period. you know, overtime it goes either way. it's a coin flip. i think they have stumbled on to something, a way to neutralize that speed. you are not imagining things. >> we saw the sharks go up 2-0. that went to seven. >> right, right. >> let's talk about warriors now. looking ahead to tonight. a rematch of sorts. what do you have to say about the teams a little bit different? >> very different. and for the cavs, obviously last year it was lebron james and not a lot of help, right? this time kyrie irving healthy. kevin love healthy. and that's a very different looking cavs team that the warriors have to contend with. they both have their big three, right? so you can look at it in a couple different ways. cleveland played 14 games. they lost three to toronto. they breezed through the east. the east is not good. compared compared to the east, it's a step below the western conference. the warriors had to work for
9:36 am
it. grueling seven games against okc. adversity. the draymond drama. the steph injury. they still came out on top. >> doesn't that make you a better team? >> exactly. you have been tested. the cavs haven't. as far as i am concerned, i don't care about any of that. i don't care about what's happened at all in the first three series. you wipe the slate clean. i think you look at where they are now, who they are now. both teams incredibly talented. both teams deep. both teams terrific shooting teams. the warriors of better. >> let me ask you this. does the coach of the warriors get the edge over tyrone? >> maybe. certainly experience. coach of the year in the nba. you can't -- i mean, steve kerr, everything he touches turns to gold, right? sure. if you are looking at it versus coach a to coach b.
9:37 am
>> i would imagine if he doesn't start, he is going to be in the first five minutes. yes, to answer your question, andre igodala. cleveland is shooting the ball so well. you can't helpful you can't leave open shooters around the floor. >> he was the mvp last year in the finals. >> he was. >> maybe a repeat performance there. >> yes. >> all right. thank you. earlier on "mornings on 2" when i was in the newsroom i was live with the sister station in cleveland. last year we made a bet on the outcome of the warriors- cavaliers series. yes, the anchors so unhappy. oh, depressed. they are wearing warriors gear. we sent over to their newsroom, we were happy to do it, this time let's take a look at what's at stake this year. >> okay. so it's game on. game on tonight. the cavs take on the golden state warriors. game one. nba finals. >> not just the cavs that a lot riding on this outcome.
9:38 am
a friendly bet with the fox 2 team in oakland. is it gasia mikaelian? did i say it right? >> no, it's actually go warriors. >> all right. making our wager live on the air. so i think we were trying to see what we could have you guys do when the cavs win the championship. >> when? i like your style. >> it may be four or five games. we were thinking you guys could do the lebron chalk toss. that sound fire? >> whatever you throw out it doesn't matter because it's going to be you guys who are going to, you know, on the receiving end. the loser-ness that's going to happen tonight at oakland's own oracle arena. you know how steph curry choose on that mouthpiece, right? >> yes. >> you will have to anchor with a mouthpiece hanging out of your mouth when the warriors once genuine the nba finals
9:39 am
against the cleveland cavaliers. >> let's take the challenge. >> we don't have to worry about it. >> it won't happen. >> right. >> this is our year. >> okay. >> absolutely. >> oh, that's good. last year wasn't your year. >> correct. >> so maybe this year might be your year. i have to show you guys, this is also going to look really nice when you guys, maybe we can sweeten the deal. i am going to send you a few of these. and this also, i don't know, gosh, stephanie, your hair, i have to admit is fabulous, but i would like to see you covering it with one of these. >> you know, wait. she is adding more to the pot now, right? >> maybe that has to be something -- maybe our evening crews will do that part. i think that's asking a little bit too much from us. but as they say, 23 is greater than 73. we know that for sure. >> right. >> so we shouldn't have to worry too much. >> well, you know, how about we just start with tonight? when the warriors beat the cavs here at home in oakland, we
9:40 am
will take it from there. just to be on the safe side, i am going to put and this in the mail for you guys so you have it for when. >> that's great. i will tell the postal guy. maybe he will get lost. >> bounce those back. >> gasia, thanks. have fun. see you later on in the series. >> she is adorable. >> absolutely. and can i just say may the better team win again. one last little dig! >> again. >> you were relentless. >> i went after them. >> i was fired up. i don't want to do that chalk talk mess. do you know what it takes to get your hair looking this way? we will follow the series and hopefully not have to pay up on that bet. >> remind me not to bet you anything. >> i know. so fierce at 6:45 in the morning. we asked you what are you betting on the outcome of the warriors-cavaliers series, if anything. >> i am not.
9:41 am
everyone i know is pulling for the warriors. in burlingame when the warriors and sharks win championships we are going streaking. seems fitting? hoping for warm weather. >> one of our regulars, natalie, said i would bet if the warriors lost i would admit to being a bandwagon fan. that's one of the things that some of the people call the warriors fans. another one. where is paul? if we lose i have to show up to work in a lebron jersey and post a few pro-cavs posts on twitter. so let's go dubs. >> rock billy brett says he bet his manager manager lunch. i am going to introduce you to the pint-sized therapy dog that spends her days with special needs children. a great interview with lola next on "mornings on 2: the 9".
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this morning on "the 9" we like to introduce you to lola. she is a five pound yorkshire terrier who works with children as a certified therapy dog. she is also the inspiration behind a series of books to help children with autism as well as their families. those include lola goes to work, lola goes to the doctor, and lola and tattletale zeke. besides lola, i am joined this morning by her owner and author of the books marsha goldman. thank you for coming in. bay area native. nice to have you here. you were telling me, how old is lola? >> eight years old.
9:45 am
>> you have had her since she was a puppy? >> yeah. >> what point did you decide you wanted puppy to be certified as a therapy dog. >> i didn't know much about therapy dog. but i retired when she was about three from my work with autistic children and decided it was a brilliant way to spend my day with my dog. so i started the training, which was about three. at about four we were able to start working in the classrooms and elderly care centers and different programs. >> reporter: when you go to classrooms, you mean classrooms who have students who are autistic? >> right. >> reporter: what is the type of relationship the students have with her and her with them? >> it's amazing. she has an amazing intuitive sense which child might need her that day. i watch her just go off to that child. sometimes that child is having a really difficult day. you would think that would be the last person she is comfortable with. she knows her job and she sits close to them.
9:46 am
you can just see the child calm down and then -- >> what's the goal of having them calm down by that? what happens then? >> we have seen all kinds of miracles. a girl never spoke out loud. she spoke for lola. and, you know, being present. being able to touch a dog, meet a dog. a lot of our children on the spectrum are nervous around dogs, and lola seems to calm them down. >> reporter: at some point you decided to do the books. >> i did. >> reporter: and integrate lola into the books. where did this come from? >> the books are for all children. i happened to be working in the classroom with the children and i saw a great opportunity for them to see a dog, pet a dog, and also hear about a dog. and i wanted the dog to look like lola. i also knew that photographs were important. a lot of kids on the spectrum have difficulty with illustration. and i couldn't really find
9:47 am
anything. so i decided i will just write my own. >> reporter: you focused on kind of life obstacles that children run into, whether it's going to school for the first time? >> yeah. >> reporter: which i am concerned about my daughter how she is going to react. that one popped out. you know, scary things that they may feel is scary. >> typical life challenges of all young children. they are simple stories but with powerful empowering messages for young children. >> reporter: and having lola in those books does what also? >> i think the photographs, i hear a lot that children are drawn to the photographs. of course, it's a small dog. so who doesn't love a sweet face like this? >> reporter: what's your goal, marsha? >> what's my goal? >> reporter: yeah. >> just to keep enjoying watching her make a difference in people's lives. i get to spend a lot of quality time with her. and hopefully people will enjoy the books and find them useful
9:48 am
for their children. >> reporter: appreciate all you do. congratulations on that. >> thank you. our new one is coming out in july. >> reporter: the top of the month? >> hot off the press. yes. >> reporter: it's called lola goes to school. that's the one for me, right? marsha goldman. thank you for coming. in lola, thank you for coming in. back to you, sal and gasia. >> and as lola prepares to go to school, students haven't started high school yet but they are already calling themselves published authors with a new book now available on amazon from these oakland students. it's called "master of mindfulness, how to be your own superhero in times of stress." it was written by students in oakland two years ago when they were in fifth grade. the book teaches students how to calm themselves when they are angry or nervous. >> i was stressed out because i had, like, a lot of death in the family. i couldn't, like, exactly get
9:49 am
my mind straight in school. so, yeah, and it really helped me change my life. >> when kids are feeling really emotional or when they are feeling overly stimulated or if they are really angry, they need a moment to just kind of calm down and to stop and take a breather and think before that next series of actions happens. >> the book came out a few months ago. already it is in its third printing. royal lease are being used towards scholarships when the young authors are ready for college. several celebrity chefs are lobbying congress to keep tons of food food out of the trash. they joined the james beard foundation and the refeed organization in stanford to meet with members of congress. they are pushing to pass a bill to eliminate food waste. michelin star chef liu has two san francisco restaurants and he joined as the house agriculture committee held the first committee meeting last
9:50 am
week. >> we are leaving entire fields unharvested solely for the looks. >> we work with farmers as much as possible to convince them to give us seconds or what's called the ugly produce. the ugly tomato. >> he says it doesn't have to look perfect to taste great. another problem is e lack of national standards for sell dates on milk and cream which also leads to waste. households are biggest offenders, but a he says everyone can help by using all the foods they buy. >> i have started to smell the milk. you know, if it's still good, no matter what the best buy is. >> the old sniff test. >> i usually open it and -- >> you would throw it out? >> i would be more cautious. at least for food that i eat. >> daddy will drink the rotten milk. i have started, i will cook the beat greens. you know you buy beats at the farmers market? >> no. >> you know when you buy beets
9:51 am
at the farmers market, anyone? when you buy beets at the farmers market the bulb at the bottom, you can eat the leafy greens. saute them with onion and garlic, a little bit of balsamic. use every bit. >> that's the message. >> okay. next time i am there. three of the five most expensive cities for renters in the u.s. any guesses? >> here. >> right here. excellent. right here in the bay area. according to the apartment rental website, the most expensive rental market in the country is the bay area. san francisco, i should say, that is followed by new york, san jose, and boston. oakland is tied with washington, d.c. at number five. now, they say the median monthly rent for a one bedroom apartment in san francisco is $3,590. that is a mortgage for a lot of people out there. in san jose $2,290.
9:52 am
and in oakland $2,270. >> i think the takeaway from that story is there is something called zumper. coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", a new kind of public art in texas. the statue that has some residents up in arms. express yourself with the help of steph curry. up next, the new emojis you can download featuring the mvp and his family.
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a massachusetts boy is getting ready for a future in law enforcement after giving his dad an unexpected lesson on the rules of the road. >> my daddy went past the red light. he has a black truck. and he was in the brand new car of my mommy's car. >> quincy police department shared this 911 call wednesday. robbie richardson called the police on his dad for running a red light. >> and he tells me, hey dad, you just wasn't through a red light. i said you had can go through that one as long as you stop and nobody is coming. you can go. no, you can't. >> interesting to him telling me about his father running the light in his mother's new car. i wanted to make sure the father was okay because he ran the light in his mother's new car. >> the dispatcher called back to make sure everything was all right. robbie dreams of being a police officer and he was happy to
9:56 am
enforce the law even if it means getting his dad in trouble. >> my mom got hit by someone who ran a red light this week. so be careful. not worth it at all trying to save that 60 seconds. >> a t-bone accident is not fun to be in. look at your screen. this is in texas and a lot of people are doing a double take. this is actually a statue that's installed in a plaza in the city of sugar land just south of houston right near that city hall. it depicts two young girls taking a selfie with a cell phone. some people took to social media calling the statue a waste of taxpayer dollars. turns out the statue was donated. it's part of a ten-piece collection to show common activities around the plaza. steph curry has had a little time between playoff games, but he has decided to create some public art. >> this is art? >> this is public art. he came one these.
9:57 am
150 emojis that he calls steph emojis. they contain versions of his life alicia and adorable daughters riley and ryan. there are symbols for the warriors victories and how good he is to a basketball. there is a link to all of them on our web page look under web links. >> go warriors! >> absolutely. big game tonight. thanks for watching, everyone. enjoy the rest of the morning. rning.
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is. live, the "wendy williams show." >> you won't believe what i'm about to fetell you. i'll always give it you to straight. >> now, here's wendy! >> very nice. xwl thank you so much. i love my


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